Washer/Dryer Repair

man fixing washer dryer

If your washer or dryer is not working, and if you have to go down to the laundromat instead, or even wash your clothes by hand, you are quickly going to have a strong desire to get your appliances working optimally again as soon as possible. The team here at Everett Appliance Repair understands that in order for you to go about living your life normally and productively, you will need clean clothes. And in order to have clean clothes, you also need appliances that are working optimally for you. So, if you are struggling with a malfunctioning washer or dryer, call us here at Everett Appliance Repair right away.

Washing Machines

Oftentimes we get a call with someone frantically reporting to us, “my dishwasher is not draining”, or maybe they are saying that the water is always hot, even though they set the washing cycle to cold water. No matter what your washer worries are, you can have peace of mind that the team of experts here at Everett Appliance Repair is prepared to come to your aid. There have been countless washer disasters that we have had to deal with, so no matter the state that your laundry room may be in, we know that our professional appliance repair service team will get everything in order again in no time at all.


If you need your clothes dried efficiently on a regular basis, you are going to want to make sure your dryer is working well and in good condition. Otherwise, you may be putting your clothes through three or four dryer cycles before they are any less damp. Do not let this issue persist. Your time and efforts are better spent on your other life commitments, like your family and your job. Instead, just call us here at Everett Appliance Repair to come in and handle the situation. We are the most affordable appliance repair team in the area, and in combination with our professional experience, you are going to have a dryer solution in no time at all.

All-In-One Washers and Dryers

In some cases, there are small apartments or micro suites that individuals live in. These spaces are usually tiny and some appliance manufactures, like Samsung and Bosch, have created all-in-one washer and dryer units. These units are practical in concept, however our team here at Everett Appliance Repair have had to repair these type of appliances countless times. So, if you are struggling with this specific appliance, know that our team of experts has a lot of experience with all of the issues. You can trust that when we complete the repair, your appliance will be working perfectly again, and little inconveniences will stop disturbing your life.

Mindful Repairs

When we are called to your property to take care of your washer and dryer repair needs, we are going to conduct all of our work with professionalism and expertise. As such, you can trust that we are able to assess your entire situation. In doing so, we can identify the best steps that will ensure the longevity of your appliance. Not to mention, we will also be able to foresee any potential issues that may be related to a worn-down part of your appliance. We often identify and fix these problems right away for you. Afterall, we want what is best for you and to prevent washer and dryer issues in the future.


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