Refrigerator Repair

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The fridge in your home is likely the most important appliance. Although dishwashers and dryers are important for taking care of household chores, your fridge is the appliance you depend on to maintain your food. Keeping your food at a safe temperature is important for health, and also, your fridge is important for preserving food and for ultimately securing your food purchases. That is why when you are dealing with fridge issues, you are going to want to call a dependable appliance repair company to get everything sorted. That is where we come in at Everett Appliance Repair.

Seal Replacement

A common yet not very well understood fridge issue is a broken fridge seal. Fridge have seals to ensure that the temperature is maintained, but overtime that seal can be worn down and even break. So, a lot of the time, when people say that their fridge is broken because it cannot hold the proper temperature, it is not an electrical issue at all. Instead, it is a simple and easy issue of seal replacement. Not to worry though, we here at Everett Appliance Repair have done this job hundreds of times, and we have the right replacement materials on hand to get your fridge working optimally again.

Shelving Solutions

A big problem that we saw while we worked in the sales side of the appliance business was broken or irreplaceable refrigerator shelves. Now having the proper shelves in your fridge is important for practical and organizational reasons. However, the team here at Everett Appliance Repair is happy to provide effective and efficient solutions. Oftentimes it is a matter of a plastic or glass repair, and we have the tools and skills necessary to get all of those issues sorted. Our fleet vehicles also function as a workshop, and we will be in and out of that workspace in a jiffy with your shelves fixed.

Electrical Experts

Appliance repair services and service teams need to have basic understanding of electrical situations in order to properly do their job. Luckily though, when you work with our experts here at Everett Appliance Repair, we have done our due diligence and have gone above and beyond the standard electrical expertise that is required for this line of work. In fact, over the years that that we have been able to expand our business, we have also been able to take on electrical experts. Finally, all of our team members go through annual appliance electrical repair training, so you can trust that we always have the most up-to-date information.

Freezer Fixes

Refrigerators hardly ever stand alone. In fact, attached to the fridge is almost always a freezer. Therefore, having your freezer working optimally is also important in order to preserve your freezer goods. When your freezer is not working properly, there is little that you can do immediately. However, when you call the team here at Everett Appliance Repair to come by and fix the problem, you are going to be impressed by our effective repair workflows. Not to mention, we can assess your refrigerator and ensure that everything in the entire unit is working perfectly. This extra step is our dedication to providing you with the best services possible.


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