Appliance Brands

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There are a lot of options when it comes to your appliances. Oftentimes you want to best deal, but something there are package deals available for all of your appliances if you decide to go with one specific appliance brand. However, the brand of your appliance does not matter when you are dealing with a malfunctioning appliance. Instead, what you need is a reliable and trustworthy repairman who will be able to provide a dependable solution for you. As such, you are going to want to trust Everett Appliance Repair. We know how to repair every appliance, regardless of the brand!

Brand Training

All of our team members here at Everett Appliance Repair have gone through extensive brand training. At first, our training was specific for selling tactics a number of years ago when we were in that business, but now we have also undergone repair training by brands. As a result of all of this training, you can trust that regardless of what brand appliance you have, we are able to identify the issue, determine the best course of action, and provide you with a solution. Therefore, if you have a Samsung fridge, a Maytag Dryer, or a Kenmore Stove, we will be able to fix all of these issues in no time at all.

Brand Connections

Given the extensive amount of training that we have for all of appliance brands, we have been able to build reliable brand connections and business partnerships. These partnerships are important because we have been able to reach out to our connections in the past for particularly difficult repair situations. As such, we can collaborate with those brand representatives and determine the best solution possible for your repair. Also, these connections have helped us get even more warranty coverage for you, which results in an even better price for your appliance repair!

Brand Representatives

The representatives that we have worked with in many different brands have oftentimes turned into good friends outside of our business partnerships. This is because the team here at Everett Appliance Repair is a genuine and hard-working team. As such, we always demonstrate honesty and integrity in all of our interactions. These interactions are also backed by our dedication to providing the best solutions possible to our clients and customers. Therefore, when you are working with us, you can be rest assured that not only is our team the most trustworthy, but we are also the most dedicated to your overall success, in addition to repairing your appliance of course.

Professional Diversity

Unlike other appliance repair companies, Everett Appliance Repair has grown into a thriving business. We know that our customer service and spectacular repair know-how is the driving force behind our success. But this business success would not be possible without our professional diversity. You see, we always want the best solution for our customers, and in order to always deliver the best results, we must be knowledgeable. This knowledge that we possess is because of our dedication to being professionally diverse. Therefore, we know how the manufacturing, selling and repair process goes for your repairs. We are also highly trained, and all of this is why working with us the best decision you will ever make!


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