About Our Team

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The team here at Everett Appliance Repair is a group of dedicated professionals who have developed our appliance repair skillset over a number of years. Although we are repairmen, we have actually been working in the industry for the majority of our professional career. We started out as salesmen in the industry, working for large appliance and homeware distributors. However, we saw a dramatic need for dependable repairmen to be able to fix appliances that may have gone haywire. We have seen the painful repair process many times. It is very common that when someone has a broken fridge or washer, and they need it fixed, there is a long wait time due to communications with the manufacturer. In addition to long communication wait times, there are also tedious tasks when coordinating a time for a repairman to come and actually fix the problem. So that is what inspired the creation of Everett Appliance Repair.

We are proud to have developed a company that is able to fix the appliance as soon as possible. We are also a group of dedicated professionals who can repair a dishwasher leaking, a washer not draining, or a stove not heating. Also, give our experience in the industry on the selling side, we know how to coordinate our services with the warranty that you may have. However, even if you do not have warranty, our rates our affordable! This way, no matter what financial circumstances or coverage you may have, you will be able to get your appliance repaired quickly.


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